Friday, October 07, 2005

Olympic Games

Well, today we leave Athens and travel to Corinth. We will take about 1/2 hour Taxi ride to the bus station and then take an hour and a half bus ride and then another Taxi ride to get to where we will be staying. I am sure it will take a long time with waiting inbetween and I might not get back to a computer until tomorrow. So, I thought I would write a little more before we go.

One of the things that the Greeks are known for is the Olympic Games. Athens was the place for the 2004 Summer Olympic games and many new things were built here to prepare for them. One of the things that was actually renovated was the Panathinkaiko Stadium. It is visible from many places in Athens.

I am sure that as I travel I will learn more about the Olympic games. You can write comments if you have questions about it. Do you know what years the ancient Olympic games took place? What about the modern Olympics? How do the ancient and modern Olympics compare?

I hope to be able to read lots of comments and write again soon.


Graham Jones said...

I love Athens. I have sometimes heard people say that it's dirty, but on the two occasions I was there, I loved it. When I stood up on the Acropolis or where that concert-stadium-type-place is, it looked like the city was made of paper.

There is a great coffee shop called Da Capo - which I think means 'stay a while' in Greek. It's quite well known and somewhere fairly central.

Stef F. said...

Hi, Aunt Janie! Stef here...glad to see that you are having fun and learning so much! I know I am learning a TON just from reading your daily blog. Thanks for the wonderful info! :)