Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Blog at edublogs.org

Well, I just set up a new blog at edublogs. I think it will be an appropriate place for my second trip blog to Greece. I am going to keep Texas Malahini for now as my professional blog since I have kept using it. The URL for the new one is http://jfriesen.edublogs.org.

The only glitch so far is that Edublogs does not have an image server so I will have to upload all of my pictures to my own site, or maybe to Flickr, and then link to them. That is not a big problem and it might work better. What edublogs does have is a way to put in the code for me so that I don't have to type in code all of the time.

This is really the way to learn. Making myself try new things keeps pushing me to learn more. There are tons of things I don't really understand yet about blogging (categories, trackbacks, etc...), but I think they will become clearer.

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