Monday, August 28, 2006

Observations from the Austin American Statesman

Take a look at this article from the Austin American Statesman on the use of web pages and email in school. It is very positive and says that about 20% of teachers in the Austin District and 50% of teachers in the Round Rock District have classroom web pages. Very interesting! It also says "Email and Web use will expand rapidly over the next few years, administrators say..." and mentions the digital divide issue.

I liked the comment of one 16 year old student because it really shows how online access has changed our expectations. "If I forget to write down a homework assignment, I go online where it is posted... I can also get PowerPoint notes from my chemistry teacher." It sort of reminds me of the changes that ATMs have made to my life. It was very different when I had to plan to get to the bank on M-F before 5 in order to deposit a check or withdraw money.


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