Monday, May 28, 2007

Wikipedia Does it Again

I just want to share another experience with Wikipedia that proves its value. This weekend we had visitors at our house from Holland. They were wonderful people and we enjoyed talking. At one point they asked us what the derivation of the word teetotaler was. We could tell them that it was a commonly used word and that most English speakers would know what it meant. We thought that maybe it had something to do with tea and wondered why it started with tee instead of tea.

So, my husband decided to get online and do a Google search. Nothing... Even in the online encyclopedias there was no explanation of the word. So, he decided to go to Wikipedia and voila! there was a full article! It had some explanations that I was skeptical of, but right there in the article it mentioned that this was not confirmed fact.

I still think that it is terrible that many students are using it as a single source for research, but it is AMAZING how it changes our access to information!

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