Friday, June 13, 2014

Odd Things we did in Kos

When we went to get the catamaran (fast ferry) that we were going to take from Kos to Patmos we found out that it does not make that trip on Wednesdays, so we had to switch to taking a ferry (5 hours, stopping along the way) that left at 7:30 pm. All of a sudden we had more time than we thought we were going to have on Kos. So, we had time to do some of the crazy things on our minds. 

Turkey is off in the distance
First we actually spent the morning relaxing at the beach. Right after breakfast we walked down to the beach nearest to the Kos Harbor and settled down on two lounge chairs. We just spent hours there relaxing. Now I finally know why people come to Greece!  It really is relaxing to sit at the beach for hours, even if you don't get into the water. The unbrella gives you regular shade and there are waiters who come and serve you food and drink (you order and pay of course). I think we should do more of this!

Next, we took the little red train trip around town like we did on Rhodes. It was mainly a trip up to the Aesclepious Temple and then went around the city a bit, but we had seen most of what we went past. 

Then, as I promised, I went to get my feet "kissed" by little fish. Steve was going to leave me there to do it on my own while he went to look at rubble, but he decided it was too interesting and so stayed.  He took a few pictures including a selfie of him in front of a poster showing exactly what the "therapy" looks like. Here is an article from Wikipedia about the fish.
It says, 

"The use of the fish as a spa treatment for the wider public is still widely debated on grounds of efficacy and validity, as the treatment is not shown to have either positive or negative effects."  
I think that this is true of my experience. Nothing bad happened and I guess my feet feel a bit softer. The treatment felt sort of like the tingling you feel when you stand up and your foot is asleep.  

Finally it was time to catch our ferry again. We bought bread, cheese and salami at the store so that we could eat on the ferry. The time went by and we arrived at Patmos after midnight.


Steve Massman said...

Happy Birthday, Looks like you are enjoying your trip so far.

SS said...

If that is a picture of your feet from above, your feet look exactly like the pretty feet from the earlier posting.

I like Steve's picture in front of the large feet poster.

Was the ferry to Patmos as big as the one from Rhodes?