Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We only have a partial day here today because we are taking a ferry to Kos that leaves at 4. After a normal night’s sleep(!) we packed up our bags, left them at the desk and headed one more time for Old Rhodes. This time we wanted to visit the Palace of the Grand Masters. It is the main castle in the old city.  There were exhibits downstairs showing the long history of the area and on the second floor you could go through and see the actual castle rooms with the mosaics on the floor and some of the 

Rhodes has been inhabited for a LONG time. In that time it has been ruled by different people Turks, Italians, and Greeks are the main ones. My impression is that the largest influence on the island was from the Italians and the Greeks. It seems to me that there is an overall Greek influence no matter who ruled, but the centuries when the Italians ruled are the most obvious today. 

The Knights of St. John ruled the island from 1308 to about 1523. They built the City walls which got strengthened over time. As a Catholic order they started to serve in hospitals, but in time started fighting and at the time when they were in Rhodes were more warriers than healers. 

We decided to go back to our favorite restaurant, Ouzokafene, for a little lunch before leaving Rhodes. We had Souvlaki and Greek Salad. Then we walked back to our hotel and got a taxi that took us and our luggage to the Blue Star Ferry.

The Ferry is really fun. There are many different areas that you can sit in.  We decided to sit in an area that has a snack bar where they come and serve you. You sit on soft chairs. It takes about 3 hours to get to Kos. We have heard that Kos is basically like Rhodes, but smaller.  I will let you know in the next blog post!

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SS said...

Did you have any snacks? The ferry looks big. Do people commute on it for work?