Friday, June 13, 2014

The Trip to Kos

We broke up the trip to Patmos by traveling to Kos for two nights. In Rhodes someone described Kos as a small Rhodes. There are similarities, but there were lots of differences as well. Both islands have medieval forts and the stone looks similar. There are squares "plateas" or plazas surrounded by restaurants and stores selling trinkets for travelers.

The first thing I noticed on Kos that was different was that there were LOTS of bicycles and really well defined bike paths. We arrived and walked to our hotel because there were no taxis! There is an airport on the island and a whole bunch of flights came in at the same time so there were only a few taxis to take people from the ferry to their hotels. Our hotel was not too far. After settling in a bit we found a place with Pizza and had dinner.

The hills in the distance are Turkey!
The thing that Kos does have that really interested Steve was lots of archaeological ruins.  One main one that everyone goes to visit is an Aesklepious temple that is up on a hill. We took a taxi up to see it. Aesklepious is the God of healing. People would come up to the site to offer sacrifies and sometimes even to stay for a while to get treatment for illnesses. The site was impressive and the views from the top were amazing. We could easily see Bodrum, Turkey! It is only 20 minutes away by boat and so at the dock below there were lots of boats that would take tourists on that trip. Bodrum has beautiful sand beaches. 

Other sites are all over the main town of Kos. Because we only stayed there for two nights we didn't see any other parts of the island. We walked down the hill from the Aesklepious Site and saw many things along the way. We even stopped to eat at a Turkish/Greek restaurant for lunch. It seemed pretty Greek, but there were some Turkish foods. We also saw lots of other ruins. Steve usually walked around and looked at them while I sat and waited. There were some wall paintings and murals that were pretty amazing. They were not as protected from the weather and vandalism as they should be I don't think. Steve said that there was not enough signage at the sites and so it was hard to make sense of the sites. I wonder if he was feeling what the rest of us always feel when looking at archaeological sites!  

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No pictures of the murals? Sounds like Steve should take his tour group there to do more archeological investigation.