Tuesday, June 10, 2014


All of the tourbooks say that Lindos is the place to go on Rhodes. It is a small town that is next to two small bays with sandy beaches. People really like sandy beaches and the one around the top of Rhodes has really beautiful round pebbles, but not sand. We rented a car so that we could get to Lindos and see some things along the way.

First was the Monastery of the Prophet Elijah. We planned our route so that we would go and visit that before getting to Lindos beach which is on the other side of the island. The Monastery is just a small church with some buildings around it where I am guessing that the monks lived.

Behind the monastery is a beautiful building which is a hotel built by the Italians when they ruled the Island. It was built for Mussolini, but no one thinks he ever actually stayed there. After looking at the church it seemed like a good time to have some coffee and what they called ‘toast’ on the menu. We would call it a grilled cheese sandwich.

Then we drove for another few hours until we arrived at Lindos. It was crowded! Beaches here have lounge chairs with umbrellas that you can rent for 4 Euro. We rented two and I settled down for the day. It was a lazy beach day. I watched people, read, spent some time drawing, played Candy Crush and even did a little Yoga to stretch out.

Steve took a long walk up the top of the nearby Acropolus to see the Knights of St. John Fort which also had Greek and Roman ruins inside. He took this picture which I am in.  Can you find me?  We were both very happy. 

When it got late we took off to look for a restaurant that I had read about. The day before I searched the Internet using Rhodes and blogs as my terms. I found a great blog http://ramblingsfromrhodes.blogspot.gr/ and I had fun reading it. He told about a restaurant called Pelican's Nest. His stories about it were intriguing. I thought it would be fun to go there. What I didn’t do was to remember anything but the restaurant’s name and the name of the town it is in (Kiotari). We could not find it, so decided to go to a nearby town (Asklipio). 

We found a Taverna and ordered the Greek Sample plate for two.
It was so much food: moussaka, beans, stuffed grape leaves, stuffed pepper, potatoes, stuffed zucchini, and more. We ate and ate. As it started to get dark people from the village started coming out and by the time we left all of the restaurants in the plaza were full of adults and children talking and laughing. It was probably 8:30 by the time we left. What a different life it is here.

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SS said...

I couldn't find you in the beach picture. I think you should have put on a white and red striped shirt and blue hat to make it easier.